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How to Position Yourself with Your Brand

Time Stamped Show Notes 00:00 – Hey, hey business Wizards its Jen Levitz from and you’re watching a Spellbinding Biz TV, where we brew up strategies that transform your bottom line. 00:11 – Now, today we’re gonna talk all about positioning and branding, more specifically, I’m gonna give you a little behind-the-scenes look at…

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Delegating to a Virtual Assistant

Time Stamped Show Notes 00:00 – Hey hey, business wizards. 00:02 – Jen Levitz here from, and you’re watching a Spellbinding Biz TV, where we brew up business strategies that transform your bottom line. 00:10 – And today’s conversation is all about delegating to a virtual assistant. 00:17 – We’re gonna cover some of…

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The Business OWL

Hey Wizard, The Business OWL, Are You There Yet? In business… your O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Level) is the 6-figure mark. It’s the place where most business owners have surpassed their “corporate” incomes and their (muggle) friends & family start to take their business seriously. It’s because of that last part that there are so many…

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Focused Outcomes

Hey¬†Wizard, I’m excited to share with you something NEW… The Weekly Profit! This is your weekly source of information meant specifically to TRANSFORM your bottom line. Today, let’s talk about OUTCOMES. Whether you are into the art of manifestation or not, unless you get very clear on what you want… it’s really hard for You…

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